Ladies/Basic Handgun Safety - 4 hours - $99

If you are considering the purchase of a handgun, or perhaps you have one and are not yet confident in your gun handling skills, this class will provide you with the information and hands on experience to safely operate handguns. This is a great refresher for those with some experience, however, the class is designed for brand new shooters.

In this up to 4 hour format, students will spend roughly half their time in the classroom and the other half on the range with guided instruction. Students will learn the fundamentals of marksmanship, safe loading and unloading of revolvers and semi-automatic handguns as well as range etiquette and firearms safety. 

We offer 2 versions of this class. The Basic Handgun Safety Class and Ladies Basic Handgun Safety class are identical in content and format. We offer the Ladies version of the class to provide an exclusive peer support environment, and a female friendly atmosphere to enhance the learning experience.