About Bellevue Indoor Range:

Open since 1996, with an extensive expansion, upgrade and remodel in 2014, we provide everything you need to visit the range. There is no cleaner, safer or friendlier place to shoot anywhere. Our facility allows for use of pistols, revolvers, and rifles. We have everything you need for a great time on the range. Ammunition, targets, eye and ear protection are all available. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of shooting classes including private lessons to suit any skill level. view classes here.We keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer thanks to our $1.5 million air handling system. Above all else, we offer a safe, clean, and fun environment to come and shoot.

The range

Bellevue Indoor Range at Wade's Eastside Guns is the Pacific Northwest’s premier public indoor range.

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If It's Your First Time Shooting

Bellevue Indoor Range is the best place for you. Our friendly and professional staff are here to ensure your safety, and help you with all your needs. You need nothing more than Valid ID to use the range. We have over 200 rental guns to choose from along with ammunition, targets and both eye and ear protection; view rental options. Let us help you have a safe and fun day shooting.

Range Features

We have 16 Public lanes for handgun caliber firearms up to 25yds. We have eight 25yd lanes in our Member's bay for pistols and rifles up to .308 Win. If you've ever wanted your own personal range, we have 8 private shooting booths on our upstairs range. Each booth has 2 target hangers, and room for 5 shooters. They're much quieter with less commotion than our bays downstairs, they're perfect for bringing your friends, family, and younger shooters to the range. All of our lanes have bullet resistant NRA approved multi-layer dividers, and our AR500 bullet traps are far cleaner than the sand berms utilized by most ranges. For private events and training, our tactical training bay is open up to 25yds.

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Located in Bellevue, Wa off Bel-red road