Posted by Wade's Guns on November 07, 2017

We're having a Basic Handgun Safety Class this Wednesday November 8th at 6-10pm! This class will cover the essentials of safe firearms handling, and is a perfect starting point for those interested in learning about guns, or a great refresher for those who feel a little rusty! We start in the classroom, and finish with a live-fire exercise on the range. Our Marksmanship class, Wednesday November 22nd at 6-10pm, is the perfect follow-up once you've got the Basic class under your belt. The Marksmanship class will involve a lot more time on the trigger, and can be taken with one of our rental guns or a gun of your own. Again starting with the fundamentals and theory in the classroom, we'll finish on the range where you'll use approximately 200rds learning how to accurately shoot your gun. The best part of both classes is not the progress you make IN the class, but the tools you'll leave with to continue to practice and improve afterwards! For more information, give us a call, or drop by the range counter any day from 10am - 10pm.