Posted by Wade's Guns on December 12, 2017

What do you do to make your trips to the range not only fun, but productive? If you feel like your shooting routine is getting stale, we've got a really efficient, easy, and fun way to not only mix things up, but help you improve your skills.

The Dead Man's Hand shooting deck by RE Factor Tactical is a functional deck of playing cards with shooting drills associated with their face value. The drills start out easy, so you can warm up with your 2's through 5's, and get progressively harder as you get up to the queens and kings. The drills are designed to be run on the RE Factor IQ-Pistol target, which is covered in an array of triangles, circles, and squares that are colored red, white, yellow, green, or blue, and have numbers or letters in them. The drills will have you scanning for colors/shapes/letters, and sometimes combinations or sequences of the above for increased difficulty. Once you're warmed up, you can shuffle the deck, grab the top card, and go.

One of the nice things about the Dead Man's Hand Shooting Deck, is that there are no par-times or distances associated with any of the drills. This allows the user to set their own standard of distance/speed and leaves the emphasis on accurate target engagement, but the option to press for distance/speed to increase difficulty are equally available. The drills will not only force you to actively think while shooting, but improve your target recognition, scanning, transitions, and trigger control.

Come check it out, and let us know what you think! We have samples of the shooting drills available at the range counter, along with the Dead Man's Hand Shooting Deck and IQ Pistol targets available for purchase!

Dead Man's Hand Shooting Deck

IQ Target - Pistol