Posted by Wade's Guns on December 22, 2017

RE Factor Tactical has created a shooting guide to go with their Essentials targets, and it’s one of the most versatile targets we’ve seen. The book is broken up into chapters, each focusing on a specific shooting discipline. Starting with more simplistic bullseye drills, the Essential Shooting Guide will help you to improve your accuracy, holster draws, reloads, trigger manipulation, and more. Each drill has a set distance with space to log your times so you can see your progress as you train.

The Essentials Shooting Guide also has two comprehensive shooting tests. The Essentials Drill consists of 17 courses of fire, using 150rds. This drill serves as a great warm-up or stand-alone shooting session, and gives you an opportunity to track your times across a wide variety of shooting skills. The RE Factor Tactical Standard consists of 10 courses of fire, using 45rds. This is a tough one, and has scores bracketed into Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert so you can see how you stack up. Even experienced shooters will find Expert scores to be a challenge.

As you practice the individual drills throughout the book, you’ll see your shooting skills as well as your times/scores on the Essentials Drill and Tactical Standard improve, and you’ll have fun doing it.

Come check it out, and let us know what you think! We have samples of the shooting drills available at the range counter, along with the The Essential Shooting Guide and Essentials targets available for purchase!

The Essential Shooting Guide

The Essentials Target