Posted by Adam Simon on May 21, 2018

If you've ever wanted your own shooting range, you need to come try our private shooting booths! Each booth has room for up to 5 people and a dual target-hanger! These private booths are much quieter and without the commotion of our downstairs range, and are perfect for bringing your friends, family, and younger shooters. We have 4 booths at 25yds, perfect for zeroing a few rifles, and 4 booths at 15yds for all your handgun shooting needs.

The upstairs range is typically open on Saturday and Sunday from 11-7, but we recommend calling to check for availability!

Booth Pricing:
1-2 Shooters - $100
3-5 Shooters - $125
1-2 Members - $50
3-5 Members - $75

Our booth rentals are based on headcount, not how many guns you're bringing with, so bring some friends and an arsenal to make the most of it! We also allow non-members to shoot their rifles chambered up to .308 in our private booths for an additional $50 fee!

Our private booths are available for large party/special event reservations. Call for more information!