Why should you buy a membership at Bellevue Indoor Range?

If you shoot here more than once a month – a membership pays for itself in UNLIMITED FREE LANE USE!

Membership at Bellevue Indoor Range includes:

  • FREE Lane
  • FREE Rentals
  • Four FREE T-2 targets or One silhouette
  • Exclusive use of the 75′ Member's Bay
  • Priority on wait-list for next lane
  • Unrestricted use of any caliber handgun, rifles up to .308 
  • Shotguns with lead buck or slugs: restricted to last weekend of the month
  • Draw from holster (after Range Officer safety check)
  • Open at 9 am on Saturday/Sunday
  • Incentive pricing on private booths in our upstairs range.

Membership Levels

  • Individual Annual Membership: $350
  • Family Annual Membership: $450
  • Individual Life Member: $750
  • Family Life Member: $850

Family Memberships are limited to spouses and children still residing at home under the age of 18. Children will not be issued a membership card and must be present with a guardian.