Fundamental Rules of Safe Shooting

Bellevue Indoor Range adheres by the Four Universal Firearm Safety Rules set forth by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Comission. These four basic rules of firearms safety are the foundation of good gun handling. These four rules apply to ALL situations. The rules apply on the firing range, at home, everywhere and at all time. There are no exceptions to the basic safety rules. If you follow these rules, you cannot have a firearms "accident."

RULE 1: Always treat all guns as loaded.

RULE 2: Never allow the muzzle of the weapon to cover anything that you are not willing to destroy.

RULE 3: Keep your trigger finger indexed above the trigger guard until your sights are on-the target and have decided to fire.

RULE 4: Be sure of your target, as well as the surroundings and beyond. 

For additional resources on firearm safety please visit: NRA GUN SAFETY RULES and the 10 Rules of Safe Gun Handling by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Bellevue Indoor Range also offers Firearm Safety Courses in terms of BASIC HANDGUN SAFETY, LADIES BASIC HANDGUN SAFETY, and PRIVATE INSTRUCTION.

Range Safety Officers operate the range desk and shooting range areas. Their priority is to maintain the safety of the range by enforcing the range rules. Their word is absolutely final.

We apologize for having so many rules. These rules and policies are designed with you in mind. Your health and safety are our foremost concerns. Many shooters may be inexperienced, many may have unsafe habits, or wish to act in ways that adversely affect others or the safe operation of the range. We thank you for understanding as we guide those learning and expel those endangering our patrons.

We need to operate the range so that it is safe, healthy, efficient, effective, and pleasant for our guests. To assure these goals are met we ask that you familiarize yourself with our RANGE SAFETY AGREEMENT FORM. We believe you will find our terms reasonable and less restrictive than most ranges. If there is any doubt or question as to what a rule refers to, or the rationale behind it, please feel free to CONTACT US for more information.

As we are involved in the carrying and firing of firearms, it is critical to behave in a totally civil manner. There is to be no arguing, shouting, threatening, intimidation, pushing, or fighting tolerated. Such behavior may result in expulsion from the range, including permanently, totally at the discretion of range staff.

Other Risks

Firearms have other risks besides unsafe handling. Bellevue Indoor Range has taken extra measures to protect your eyes and ears and reduce lead exposure.


To rent a firearm, the shooter must either have a personal firearm at the time of the rental or be in a party of two or more. Due to security and safety concerns, UNARMED SOLO SHOOTERS WILL NOT BE RENTED FIREARMS.


Lead is a heavy metal that shooters are exposed to in the air, through ammo and in residue on their firearms.

Provided in each restroom is D-Lead soap to quickly remove any lurking heavy metals after your shooting sessions. The range is proud to complete construction of a multi-million dollar HEPA-filter HVAC system with OSHA, NIOSH and L&I endorsements that has eliminated nearly all traces of airborne lead and allows for nearly 100% recycling of shot lead and brass.


When a firearm is discharged it emits a very loud report at only arms distance. Indoors this sounds is increased and can cause temporary or permanent hearing damage such as tinnitus. 

Hearing protection such as earplugs (disposable or reusable) or ear muffs (including electronic devices that amplify quiet sounds) can be used to reduce the risk of hearing damage. Ear protection must be worn on the range at all times.


A firearm emits hot gases, powder, and other debris when discharged. Casings are also dangerously hot when ejected.

Eyes are particularly vulnerable to this type of damage and eye protection must be worn to reduce the risk of injury.

Personal eye and ear protection are available for purchase at the range desk.